The Department teaches a wide range of compulsory and elective courses both in the law and in the political sciences curricula. Moreover, our lecturers hold several courses of the LL.M. programs offered in English at our Faculty.

Undergraduate courses

Compulsory courses

  • European Public Law and Policy I-II. (in Hungarian)
  • Public International Law I-II. (in Hungarian)
  • Public International Law for Students of Political Science I-II. (in Hungarian)
  • Preparation for the State Exam in European Law (Hungarian)

Elective courses

  • Aerospace Law (in Hungarian)
  • Aerospace Law (in English)
  • Enforcement of the Basic Values of the EuropeanUnion (in English)
  • Environmental Law (with others, in Hungarian)
  • Foreign Policy Debate Club (in Hungarian)
  • Institutional System of the Movement of Capitaland International Trade of Goods and Services (inHungarian)
  • Prohibition of Torture (with others, in English)
  • Limits of the Use of Force in International Law (in Hungarian)
  • Media Regulation of the European Union (in Hungarian)
  • Minority Rights in International Law and in InternationalRelations (in Hungarian)
  • Preparation for the Jessup Moot Court Competition (in English) 
  • Preparation for the Telders Moot Court Competition (in English)
  • The EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (in English)

LL.M. Programs in English

Master in European Human Rights

Our Department has launched a comprehensive LLM course in English concerning the human rights protection system in Europe. Within this program the following courses are available:

  • Social Policy and Social Rights in the EU
  • Prohibition of Torture and Cruel, Inhuman or Degranding Treatment or Punishment
  • The Right to Property and Related Economic Rights, Labour Rights as Human Right
  • Overview on the European Convention of Human Rights and the Institutional System and Practice of the
  • European Social Charter
  • Fundamental Human Rights in the European Union and the Procedure of the European Court of Human Rights
  • The Operation Mechanism of the European Union and its Importance for Human Rights Protection